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Bored? Finished the game? Just want to start a new game? This is the section for you. Also for the original FFXII, check out the Enforced Class Challenge FAQ for a great way to replay the game. This is a really fun way to replay the game, and keeps things challenging as well as fun. More challenges will be added here soon! But for now, check out the Enforced Class Challenge FAQ. Also below that is a Perfect Game Checklist.

Perfect Game Checklist

Want to get 100% in Final Fantasy XII? Here's the checklist!

With the ultimate gambit set ups on all characters with the final save point before fighting Vayne. Yes, baby that's going all out in what I would call a true complete game.

Ultimate equipment suggestions


Vaan............. Wyrmhero Blade (Tournesol), Circlet, Grand Armor, Ribbon
Balthier........ Famolhaut, Windslicer Shot, Circlet, Grand Armor, Ribbon
Fran.............. Sagittarious, Artemis Arrows, Circlet, Grand Armor, Ribbon
Basch.......... Tournesol (Wyrmhero Blade), Circlet, Grand Armor, Ribbon
Ashe............. Masamune, Circlet, Grand Armor, Ribbon
Penelo.......... Danjuro (Whale Whisker), Zodiac Esc., Circlet, Grand Armor, Ribbon

Scenario, only 2 Circlets to be obtained in game, equip headgear with Grand Helm or Golden Skullcaps. I don't believe in Magepower Shishaks or Maximillions, any equipment you can buy in the bargain ben just isn't ultimate equipment to me. Ribbons make your characters invincible and enable the use the remove the esuna and remedy gambits. At lv.99 you can pretty much slice through anything without accessory power ups. The only other thing I'd recommend would be Bubble Belt if you don't like being killed by hecteyes and random status affect traps.

Original FFXII Enforced Class Challenge

Enforced Class Challenge FAQ

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