FFXII The Zodiac Age

FMVs and Trailers

Name: Opening Movie
Time: 7:08
Watch it: Click Here
Details: The official opening once you click "New Game". It features the complete festival scene plus the marriage of Ashe and her handsome prince. The festival continues into a battle which doesn't end well. The graphics are breath taking and the opening has a sad ending. What a great way to start the perfect game!

Name: FFXII PS2 Trailer
Time: 3:14
Watch it: Click Here
Details: One of the English trailers that was featured on the FFXII demo. There is an English over voice which explains mainly what is happening. This is the main English Promotional trailer that is out so far. It's a good idea to watch it.

Name: Kiss Me Good-Bye Music Video
Time: 3:21
Watch it: Click Here
Details: This is the official Kiss Me Good-bye Music Video which has all FFXII footage. It's a very beautiful song and they picked the best clips to add to it. All the clips are in FMV graphics and gameplay graphics here and there. If you cry very easily I suggest you don't watch this movie. It's really sad.

Name: Trailer 1
File Size: 17.3mb
Time: 4:08
Download: Click Here
Details: First official trailer features introduction to Final Fantasy 12, flashes of the parade, intro to all the characters and many scenes from the game. The trailer introduces us to the FF12 game with a huge intro with great background music. Once again showing off the excellent graphics this trailer introduces us to the world of Ivalice and its characters.

Name: Trailer 2
File Size: 7.46mb
Time: 0:58
Download: Click Here
Details: Second official trailer features some of the parade scene, more game scenes from two years ago and first time seeing the judge. This is more of a trailer that shows off the graphics in the game. Very short but full of thrillers.

Name: Trailer 3
File Size: 11.4mb
Time: 2:04
Download: Click Here
Details: Third official trailer features more of the parade scene, more of the airship, huge battle scene from two years ago, the second appearance of the Judge and more scenes from the game. The music in this trailer is very nice and will be available on the music page soon. This trailer contains no spoilers unless this is the first trailer you have seen.

Name: Battle 1
File Size: 4.03mb
Time: 0:39
Download: Click Here
Details: Features Ashe running around the area and selects the menu. Nothing very special since there isnít even a battle.

Name: Battle 2
File Size: 3.10mb
Time: 0:31
Download: Click Here
Details: Features Ashe running around and engages in a battle. You can see how the battle system will work but not very detailed into how the system will be worked.

Name: Battle 3
File Size: 3.73mb
Time: 0:36
Download: Click Here
Details: Features Ashe running around. Yet another boring battle scene. Hopefully we will require more battle footage where you actually see a full battle.

Name: Commercial
File Size: 6.19mb
Time: 0:31
Download: Click Here
Details: Not very long but show battles, summons a few short fmvs. We still do not know what the man is saying but hopefully it will be translated soon. Just enjoy the short commercial which is awesome.

Name: Conference Trailer
File Size: 17.3mb
Time: 3:10
Download: Click Here
Details: Shows more fmv scenes, battles scenes and English subtitles. This trailer is also shown on the FF12 demo. This seems to be the new official trailer on the FF12 website and it explains a lot. A very good trailer which shows all the characters so far.

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