FFXII The Zodiac Age

Hidden Espers

There are a total of thirteen Espers in the game. Five of them can be obtained during the story line, but to find the others you must go through quests to obtain them.

Note: For even more information and a second opinion on getting and fighting the Espers, please check out the Espers Guide.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Adrammelech (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 40,000 Level: 39 Weakness: Ice Absorb: Thunder Immune: Other six elements License Points Given: 42 Steals: Capricorn Gem, Pebble, High Arcana Location: Zertinan Caverns (Athroza Quicksands) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. Recommended Level: Level 40 or higher recommended. Ally: Any - Raise Ally: Any - Arise Ally: HP below 50% - Curaga Ally: Any - Esuna Foe: Lowest HP - Attack Foe: Party leader's target - Attack Foe: Any - Blizzara How To Find: The earliest you can fight this optional Esper is after the events of The Tomb of Raithwall, but it's recommended that you're above level 40. Rent a Choboco, and run to The Dalmasca Westersands (Shimmering Horizons), and look for an entrance to "The Zertinan Caverns". Another entrance to these caverns is found in the northern part of The Ozmone Plains. Head southwest and then south and eventually you'll find a secene of Adrammelech. There's a save crystal northeast is you want to save just in case. Battle Strategy: Adrammelech is weak to ice, but is immune to all other magicks you can cast on him. Adrammelech is the only Esper that flies, sadly, but he's easy. You probably don't have "Telekenisis", so use either "1000 Needles" (If you've passed the M. Highwaste, but I don't think you have), so use an offensive Ice based magick to hit him with. Some Shambling Corpse enemies spawn around, and they keep respawning them you kill them. Use Shell, as both Adrammelech and his friends like to use magick attacks to hit your characters with. Adrammelech uses Thundaja, and it also has a chance of inflicting Stop on multiple characters. Eventually when his health gets under around 50%, his attacks get more powerful and his defence increases. When he's about to die, he'll use Perfect Defence, which immunes him to all damage. Wait, and kill the zombies if you want to, and when it wears out keep casting your Ice spells on him. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Zalera (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 75,000 Level: 40 Immune: Immune to all eight elements License Points Given: 40 Steals: Gemini Gem, Pebble, High Arcana Location: Barheim Passage (Terminus No. 7) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. Recommended Level: Level 43, or 47, or 49, or 51, (or high levels in that particular pattern.) Recommended Gambits - Ally: HP under 50% - Use Curaja - Ally: Any - Arise - Ally: Any - Cast Esuna - Foe: Party leader's target - Attack - Foe: Lowest HP - Attack How To Find: In order to find Zalera, you needed to have passed the events at The Tomb of Raithwall (however, I'll once again state that you should wait until much later from the game to get optional Espers), and have completed the "Flowering Cactoid" hunt. But by the time you fight Zalera, you should be FAR past that hunt. You could've also done the "Nidhogg" hunt, to get a "Great Serpentskin", which can help you get a better item for a reward, for a sidequest you need to do to get to Zalera (see "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ24)). Battle Strategy: Now, the entrance we came out of the Barheim Passage when we defeated the Mimic Queen long ago is blocked by rocks. There's another entrance so we may return to The Barheim Passage, and go to a secret area to find Zalera. The monsters there are around levels 30-40, so be around or above that. The alternate entrance we want is northeast of the blocked passage. However, we need a key to unlock the secret entrance, so we'll need to do a.....SIDE-QUEST! to get the key to unlock it! Whooopeeee! Now, go back to the petitioner of the Flowering Cactoid hunt, whose name is Dantro. Check your Clan Primer if you're unsure where he is. Afterwards, go to Dantro's Wife in South Bank Village, look around for her. Now, speak to Techigri in the northern part of South Bank Village to ride the ferry to North Bank Village. Look around for a man named Ruksel, and talk to him. Afterwards, you'll be returned to South Bank Village. Speak to Dantro's Wife again, and then check behind her house and examine the flower there. After another sequence, speak with Tchigri again. Now we'll need to speak to Dantro's Wife again, so do so. You'll need to find some "Semclan Shells", which are found on the shore of South Bank Village. Get some and return to her, and then head for Dantro. Now, look around the area that Dantro is in and find two Small Phials. If you have trouble finding them, look around the crates and supplies. Now, you'll need to find some Drops of Valeblossom Dew. This is located in "Broken Sands", which is north of North Bank Village, but beware of the monsters that roam there. Now, head to the northern part of Broken Sands and look for some trees. Eventually, when you are able to examine one, you'll get the Drops of Valeblossom Dew. Return to Dantro's Wife again, and give her the items. She'll then ask for a Great Serpentskin, but if you don't have any, it's okay. Speak to Dantro's Wife again, then speak to the Traveler who's been healed for the Barheim Key. Now getting the key was one thing, finding and defeating Zalera is another thing. Look for the entrance to The Berheim Passage, look in the first paragraph for information on that. If you head north past a few areas, you'll find a orange teleporting crystal. From the Great Central Passageway head north- east and exit that area. (By area I refer to each section.) Then, head west to another section, then south-west, then west to find a normal Blue Save Crystal. Head west again, and you'll find Zalera. I'll refer to Zalera as "it", as....well...you'll know why I'll refer to it as it once you actually see Zalera. It's immune to all of the eight elements. To start off, the battle will have around a five minute timer, if you don't defeat Zalera, but the timer runs out, you'll be magically teleported out of the "arena", you won't get a Game Over. Zalera, is Undead, and is hurt by healing such as "Cure, Cura, Curaga, Curaja, Potions, Hi-Potions, X-Potions". If you use magicks often, use the above on him instead. Zalera has Dead Bones gaurding him, quickly kill them all before attacking Zalera. Zalera uses many "level specific spells" (see Gilgamesh's second battle for information on these attacks). Some of which include "Level 2 Sleep", "Level 3 Disable", "Level 4 Break", "Level 5 Reverse", and "Prime Level Death". Yes, it uses all level spells, but it's recommended your at a level divisable by 5, as Zalera doesn't use any healing spells to damage your characters. It also uses "Kill", which automatically kills a character, and is sadly unavoidable. It uses "Death", which can automatically kill a character, but it's avoidable. It uses "Sleepga", which casts Sleep on multiple characters at once. Zalera uses Stop as well. Basically, kill all the Dead Bones you see, then focus on killing Zalera. Keep attacking it using either normal attacks or healing spells/items, and eventually Zalera will use magicks that kill off your characters. Have a decent amount of Phoenix Downs, because he kills off your characters very often. Just keep reviving your characters, and make sure you always have at least two party characters alive, because if you only have one and haven't bothered reviving your other party members yet, expect Zalera to use Kill on your last remaining character. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Cuchulainn (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 125,000 Level: 45 Special Note: Halves damages from all elements License Points Given: 50 Steals: Scorpio Gem, High Arcana, Elixir Location: Garamsythe Waterway (No. 1 Cloaca) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. Recommended Level: Level 45 or higher recommended. How To Find: In order to find this Esper, you needed to have done the hunts where you hunted these two enemies: "Wraith" and "White Mousse". Once you've completed the hunts, you should have a Sluice Gate Key which allows you to change the waterway "controls". Now, head the the area shaped like a semi-circle where you first fought the boss "Firemane". I've made them into steps for easier viewing. To close a control, head up to it and examine the "sphere like object". If you can't, do the hunts I've just stated. 1. Close No. 10 and No. 3. 2. Head southwest to No. 3 Cloaca Spur. 3. Activate the No. 1 control found southwest. 4. Head back to the "semi-circle", open No. 10, No.3, and close No. 4 and No. 11. 5. Head southeast and find the No. 1 control found southeast. 6. Close No. 3, and open No. 11 now. 7. Save your game, you don't want to repeat this repetitive and tedious sequence again if you die. 8. Head southeast to No. 1 Cloaca and head south past the gate to find this ugly assed Esper. Recommended Gambits Ally: Any - Raise Ally: Any - Arise Ally: HP below 50% - Curaga Ally: Any - Chronos Tear Ally: Any - Esuna Foe: Lowest HP - Attack Foe: Party leader's target - Attack Foe: Any - Blizzara Battle Strategy: You'll constantly lose health points throughout the battle, and it never stops. Use Bubble if you feel you're losing your health too quickly if you have it. His normal attacks have a chance to inflict Poison. He uses Slowga, Immobilize, and Disable. Becareful when he casts Disable, if it hits all three of you're characters you're doomed. Cuchulainn likes to also cast "Toxic", which inflicts Poison. Poison is the last thing you need with the health draining effect already in place. He also casts "Invert" very frequently throughout the battle as well, and if you don't know what it does, it basically switches your health with your magic points. Now, it's not really a bad thing, consider it a full magic point healer. But heal quickly, as the health draining effect can quickly kill off a character. He also uses "Bio", which deals damage and has a chance to randomly inflict Sap to a character. He'll get stronger when his health drops, but it's really nothing signifigant considering his other special attacks and the health draining effect. But, if you find this battle very difficult, come back here later when you have higher healing spells, the Bubble spell, and a higher level. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Exodus (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 120,000 Level: 46 Special Note: Halves damages from all elements License Points Given: 52 Steals: Libra Gem, High Arcana, Elixir Location: The Mosphoran Highwaste (Empyrean Seat) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. Recommended Gambits Ally: Any - Raise Ally: Any - Arise Ally: HP below 50% - Curaga Ally: Any - Chronos Tear Foe: Status = Reflect - Dispel Foe: Party leader's target - Attack How To Find: Before you can do any of these steps, you need to have fixed the gate found in The Salikawood. You'll also need some "Gysahl Greens", Chocobos' favourite food. They're buyable at The Clan Centurio clan shop. Don't worry if you don't do hunts often, you only need to be higher than the first rank you are in the game. Now you need to go to The Mosphoran Highwaste, and go a bit south of the shop. Look for a shine, and activate it. Now, head north-east back to where you find enemies, and look for a Choboco wandering around the northern end. Give it a Gysahl Greens and you'll now have the ability to ride it for a limited time. Head south and look west for some Chocobo footprints. Head west and look for another shrine that you can activate, and look for some rocks that you can examine. Examine them, and push them down and you can walk to the Orange Save Crystal faster. Save your game in case you die. Now, press Select to activate your map, and look for some new exclamation marks. Head to them and you should eventually find Exodus. Battle Strategy: Now, you can't use any items in battle, but that shouldn't be a problem. You can use magicks instead for curing everything and for healing your characters. He often casts Reflect on himself, and when you Dispel it he'll recast it almost immediately. He also likes to cast Flare and Scathe on your characters, which cause a lot of spell lag. All elemental types only do half of the damage they normally do, so just use normal attacks. The odd thing is he casts the spells on himself to reflect it onto our characters. What strange A.I. of the game. When Exodus is at low health, he'll use a Paling that makes him immune to physical damage. Either wait for it to wear off, or use Opal Rings to cast through his Reflect status (and possibly cast non-elemental spells onto him). But overall, Exodus is an easy Esper. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Zeromus (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 170,000 Level: 51 Special Note: Halves damages from all elements License Points Given: 55 Steals: Cancer Gem, High Arcana, Elixir Location: Stillshrine of Miriam (Throne of Veiled Gods) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. Recommended Level: Level 50 or higher recommended. Recommended Gambits Ally: Any - Phoenix Down Ally: HP below 50% - X-Potion Ally: HP below 70% - Hi-Potion Ally: Any - Chronos Tear Ally: Any - Remedy Foe: Party leader's target - Attack Foe: Lowest HP - Attack How To Find: After you've defeated Judge Bergan in Mt. Bur-Omisace you can obtain this optional Esper. We'll need to do a small mini-quest, but it's very small, and barely has that much running around collecting items for people and such. Now, go to Mt. Bur-Omisace (Temple Grounds), and look around for people by the "Acolyte". There are many people by this name, so talk to any "Acolyte" you can find. Eventually one will reveal his name to be "Nu Mou". Talk to him and obtain a Stone of the Condemner. Go to The Stillshrine of Mariam and use the stone at the Waystone to get "teleported" to a secret area. Now that was easy, let's fight Zeromus now! Battle Strategy: This fight is like the opposite of fighting Exodus, and is much more difficult. You may want to be a high level for this fight. You can't use any magicks in this battle, you'll need to heal with items. Be sure to have many Hi-Potions or X-Potions in stock for this battle. Zeromus uses Hastega, Slowga, Stop, Gravity, Piercing Graviga, and Bio. Normally I'd tell you to Dispel his positive stats effects that he has on himself, but you can't do anything about them. Gravity deals 25% of your max health points, and Piercing Graviga does 50% of your max health. Don't use Bubble, as it just actually increases the damage being done to your characters, and he uses Gravity attacks very frequently. You can still use Summons and Quickenings in this battle, so near the end of the fight feel free to. If you have licenses on your characters' license boards that allow them to gain magick points by dealing damage, use one at the beginning of the battle. Zeromus' attacks can combo often, and are capible of doing a lot of damage. Dark Lords also face you in the battle, I recommend you use a Quickening at the beginning of the fight and get a strong cocurrence to kill them all. You can also use Hastega Motes if you have any to Haste your characters. Just keep attacking him, but kill all the Dark Lords quickly, as they'll pile up and easily kill your characters. It's a very hard fight to win. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chaos (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 210,000 Level: 57 Weakness: Earth Absorb: Wind Immune: Immune to all other elements License Points Given: 60 Steals: Taurus Gem, High Arcana, Elixir Location: Necrohol of Nabudis (The Crucible) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. Recommended Level: Level 65 or higher recommended. Recommended Gambits Ally: Any - Arise Ally: HP below 50% - Curaja Ally: Any - Esuna Foe: Lowest HP - Attack Foe: Party leader's target - Attack How To Find: This optional Esper probably has the longest and most boring sidequest. Just so you know. Now, before you can find Chaos you must've done the mark hunts where you hunt "Wraith", "White Mousse", and "Orthros". Once you are done these hunts you may go off on your adventure to find Chaos. Go to Old Dalan's house (The old man you visited near the beginning of the game), and look in his house for a person named "Roh'kenmou". Now, speak to "Deeg", the person you saw from when you hunted the Wraith. Go inside his house and look for a Dusty Letter on a table. Now head to the waterway control system in The Garamsythe Waterway (the semi-circle where you fought Fireman), and open every control there (turn off the lights from the objects). You'll now need to open and close the controls in a certain order in order to proceed. 1. Close No. 11, close No. 4. 2. Open No. 11. 3. Close No. 3. 4. Open No. 4. After you've opened/closed the controls in this order, head to the southern part of your map. (Stay within the semi-circle with the controls, but look south). You should examine a light on the floor and you'll recieve a "Dull Fragment", a Key Item you'll need. If you don't get the examine option, look for a small white glittery light on the floor, and search around slowly. When you have the Dull Fragment, proceed to the next paragraph. Return to the Old Dalan's house and speak with Roh'kenmou again. Give him the Dull Fragment (and the Blackened Fragment, which you recieve in one of the hunts above I've listed). You'll now need to find a person named "Filo" in Lowtown. He roams the southeastern section of the South Sprawl. Afterwards, go to the fountain in the Southern Plaza, and look for a "Curious Woman", and speak with her. Once done, go to the Muthru Bazaar/ Clan Shop "area" and look for some people named "Merchant". There are many named that, but speak with them all and recieve your orders for the next steps. Now you'll need to run over to the Magick shop. Once there, look around for an Imperial and have a little chat with him. Afterwards look for Kytes in the northern section of Lowtown. Go and talk with Filo now. Now find the Imperial in the magick shop, and you'll get another fragment. It's called the "Grimy Fragment". Give Roh'kenmou the fragment, and he'll disappear. You'll find Roh'kenmou in the Magick shop in Archades. Head over there and speak with him. Now head to Old Archades and look for a man named "Otto" found in The Alley of Mutated Sighs. You'll now recieve the Moonsilver Medallion from him. Give it to Roh'kenmou. Head to the Nabreus Deadlands. Go to the area "The Slumbermead", and look northwest and try to find a hidden path. If you have troubles finding the secret path, try making your characters run northwest across the area, you should find it eventually. Walk across the secret path and exit the map area. Head west to another exit from the area. From there, head northwest up the mountain (becareful here, there are a lot of skeletons here, progress slowly and kill them all if you need to). Look for a shrine and after some events you'll get two medallions. The Lusterless Medallion and The Medallion of Love. Don't worry, it gets a slight bit more excited, with fighting rather than talking to people. Now, save your game, you'll need to face two easy bosses in order to fight Chaos. Head to the Necrohol of Nabudis, and go to "The Hall of the Ivory Covenant", and look for a "Door of Loathing". You'll face Fury, if you want advise on this boss see his section on help on how to defeat him, but he should be quite easy to defeat. Now, go to the area "Cloister of Distant Songs" (we're still in the Necrohol), and look east for a a "Door of Horrors". You'll face another easy boss named "Humbaba". Defeat him and read the next paragraph. You'll recieve a Medallion of Might, used to acess Chaos' room. Save your game and return to the Necrohol of Nabudis. Go to the area "Cloister of the Highborn", and then use your new medallion on the Door of Despair to finally be able to fight this optional Esper. Battle Strategy: This is another tough battle to win. You won't be able to use "Attack" from your battle menu in this Esper fight. You'll probably want to use Magicks and Technicks for defeating Chaos. First, take note that Chaos is weak to Earth based magicks, absorbs Wind based magicks, and is immune to the other elements. The enemies around Chaos don't respawn after you kill them, so focus on killing them first, before attacking Chaos. I recommend using non-elemental magicks, Earth magicks, or technicks such as Telekenesis or Souleater. Non-elemental magicks are spells like Bio, Shock, and Flare, though beware of the lag from using some of these magicks. Chaos uses Fearga, which depletes your Magic Points on your characters. After he uses it you might want to start using technicks to damage him, or use a Ether or Hi-Ether to replenish your Magic Points. He also uses Aeroga, which inflicts high Wind elemental damage onto all of your party characters. His "special attack", is Aeroja (note Aeroga and Aeroja are two different spells), which is the same as Aeroga, but has a chance to inflict Confuse. Becareful when your characters are Confused, quickly use Esuna or Smelling Salts. Eventually he'll be defeated, but he's a semi-challenge. It really depends on your levels, equipments, your license board, and what Magicks you've bought. If you die to him a lot, try to level up and get some better Magicks and Technicks. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ultima (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 250,000 Level: 63 Weakness: Dark Absorb: Holy Immune: Immune to all other elements. License Points Given: 65 Steals: Virgo Gem, High Arcana, Megalixir Location: Great Crystal (Crystal Peak) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. Recommended Level: Level 65 or higher recommended. Recommended Gambits Ally: Any - Arise Ally: HP below 50% - Curaja Ally: Any - Esuna Ally: Any - Remedy Foe: Lowest HP - Attack Foe: Party leader's target - Attack How To Find: Okay, the path to finding Ultima is shorter than Chaos, but it can be annoying. The trek is long and boring, but thankfully there's a Blue Crystal before the fight you have with Ultima. But there's something even better, NO SILLY SIDE-QUESTS for this Esper! You just need to head straight to the area you find Ultima, and simply fight her. However, you must've passed Giruvegan (after the Great Crystal), but I've always considered Ultima to be the second toughest optional Esper, however some find her to be easy to defeat. I recommend you overlevel your characters before trying to take on Ultima. I recommend you use the Great Crystal map found on this site in combination with these steps. I've made them into steps for easier viewing pleasure. Now head to the Great Crystal via Giruvegan, and use these steps to find Ultima. This step process assumes that all Gates are sealed. 1. Use Waystone IX to teleport to Waystone X. 2. Head to either the platform right of Gate Sag. II, or the platform left of Gate Sag. I. It really doesn't matter. 3. Take the path to the next platform. 4. Go to the Sag. Alter and activate the timer. 5. Run back to Waystone XX (the one which had two Sag. Gates). 6. Unseal Gate Sag. II. 7. Head through the path and head to Waystone XII. 8. Use Waystone XII to teleport to Waystone XIV. 9. Turn right and head to that path. 10. Activate the Leo Alter and activate the timer. 11. Head back to Waystone XIV (don't teleport) and head down the right path. 12. Continue along the paths until you reach a fork. 13. Take the most leftern path you see. 14. Take the only path you can see, and unseal the Gate Leo II. 15. Head either left or right, and eventually go down some paths to Waystone XV. 16. Head through the middle path to the Libra Alter. 17. Use the Libra Alter and activate the timer. 18. Take the left path you see now. 19. Turn left to find a Gate Libra II gate, unseal it and head straight. 20. Keep heading straight until you find a Capricorn Alter. 21. Activate the Capricorn Alter to start the timer. 22. Head back to where you found Waystone XVI and head to the left path you see. 23. Unseal the Gate Capricorn I gate. 24. Head straight and you should then see a Virgo Alter. 25. Activate it and start the timer. 26. Go back to where you found the Gate Libra II. 27. From that platform, turn around 180 degrees to find a Gate Virgo I. 28. Unseal the gate and head straight, then left to another Waystone. 29. Use Waystone XVII to teleport to Waystone XVIII. 30. Head straight to find a Save Crystal, save your game now. 31. Head straight again to find Ultima. Battle Strategy: Cast some positive status effects on your characters at the Save Crystal. Ultima should be straight past the Save Crystal. Let's first start off with what attacks she'll be using. Ultima absorbs Holy, is weak to Dark, and is immune to all other elements. She has Blinda, which is odd considering all other bosses don't heal status effects, but don't try casting any bad status effects on Ultima. She'll cast Reflectga on your characters, Dispel it if you want to, I found it to be a large annoyance in the battle. She also uses Redemption, which damages a single character with very high Holy damage. Holyja is her "special attack", which is like Redemption, but damages all characters in range, and also has a chance to inflict Reverse on your characters. She also uses Greater Barrier, which simply casts Protect and Shell on herself. She'll also use a shield that damages your characters when you attack her (5% of the damage you deal to her gets returned to who dealt the damage), near the middle of the battle. Oddly enough, she uses healing spells such as Curaja and Renew on your characters. But she only uses it when one of your party members has Reverse. Dispel Reverse if a character has it, as Renew reduces your health to 1. Ultima uses Holyja after 12 attacks. When her health drops below 50% she'll use Holyja every 7 attacks instead of 12 attacks. This battle is also quite unique. After around 70% of her health is removed effects will be in battle. First your health will be constantly sapped away. When you reduce more of her health points she'll sap your Magick Points. Then you won't be able to use Magicks, then you can't use Technicks, then no Items are useable, then a magnetic effect that slows down your characters a lot. The effects then repeats itself after you remove more of her health. I recommend you use White Masks in this battle, they absorb the Holy attacks she'll use. Deal with the status effects normally (heal your characters, use Ethers or Hi-Ethers, etc.), and just keep attacking her. She's not that difficult, but if she's hard I recommend you level up your characters in the Great Crystal a bit, retreat and obtain new spells/items/armour/equipment, if you feel that you need to. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Zodiark (Back to Top) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Health points: 335,000 Level: 66 Weakness: Holy Absorb: Dark License Points Given: 70 Steals: Serpentarius, High Arcana, Medgalixir Location: Henne Mines (Special Charter Dig) Difficulty: Varies at what level you are. (But is the hardest Esper in my opinion.) Recommended Level: Level 80 or higher recommended, but possible at lower levels, some of the battle is actually luck. Recommended Gambits Ally: Any - Raise Ally: HP below 50% - Curaja Ally: Any - Esuna Foe: Party leader's target - Attack How To Find: You'll need to have at least 10 Espers and have completed Giruvegan in the main storyline in the game before you can go to the area where you can find Zodiark. Once you've met these requirements, go to Jahara and look near the northern part for a person named "Geomancer". Talk to him and he'll explain a secret area. Now the area is unlocked, so you can enter it now. Becareful, the new area yields the highest leveled enemies found in the game. Go to the Henne Mines using a Teleport Crystal. Go to the exit north, and once you're in the room where you faced Tiamat head east to find a secret passageway. If you had into the most northeastern area you'll find a Candle of the entire area. Use the map on this site of the Henne Mines' secret area if you need to. Head southeast to an exit, and southeast again to another exit. Afterwards head east to another exit and then head northwest to another exit where you should find Zodiark. Battle Strategy: I'll first explain all the attacks Zodiark will use. He uses Reflect and Bravery on himself randomly throughout the battle, but if you choose to Dispel it he'll use a Paling that makes him immune to Magick attacks. He'll also cast Faith on himself. He uses Level Spells such as Level 2 Sleep, Level 3 Disable, and Level 4 Break, it's recommended you're a level that's immune to these magicks. He rarely uses Piercing Gaviga which deals half of your total health points. He uses Redemption (however, his Redemption attack is Dark element based), and Scathe (very strong non-elemental spell). He'll use Greater Barrier and Barrier Change (The last changes the element he's weak against). His best special attack is Darkja, which deals heavy Dark based damage, but it has a high chance to instantly kill a target, and also has a high chance of inflicting Blind as well. When Zodiark's health goes critical, he'll be immune to physical damage. Now, firstly just keep attacking him normally. He'll use Darkja very frequently throughout the battle, so quickly Arise any members who are dead, and cure Blind (I recommend you set up Gambits). I've said it once, be at a level where you're immune to his special level based attacks. Once he uses his Paling that makes him immune to physical damage, use non-elemental magicks such as Shock, Scathe, and such. Use Black Masks as they absorb Dark based attacks. It shouldn't be a difficult battle, but you'll need to be quick as he uses Darkja very often. Gambits instantly Arise and cure Blindness quickly, so use them. Zodiark should be the last Esper you have on your list, so defeat him and give yourself a pat on your back.

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