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Mist Quickenings

Quickenings are very powerful combo attacks that take Mist Charges, also known as your MP, of your three party members. Note: In The Zodiac Age, quickenings no longer consume MP. They now use a mist guage similar to Limit Breaks from previous Final Fantasy games.

The attack power of the Quickening is a combination of attacks to create a finishing attack or "Concurrence." The system is based on a slot machine and can be very hard to handle at first. Though once you have done a very Quickenings, it becomes very easy.

Note: In The Zodiac Age some mechanics of quickenings were changed. If you notice any outdated information please use this form to let us know.

Vaan Ashe
Level Name Att. Pwr. Level Name Att. Pwr.
Lv. 1 Red Spiral 90 Lv. 1 Northswain's Glow 90
Lv. 2 White Whorl 140 Lv. 2 Heaven's Wrath 140
Lv. 3 Pyroclasm 230 Lv. 3 Maelstrom's Bolt 230

Basch Penelo
Level Name Att. Pwr. Level Name Att. Pwr.
Lv. 1 Fulminating Darkness 90 Lv. 1 Intercession 90
Lv. 2 Ruin Impendent 140 Lv. 2 Evanescence 140
Lv. 3 Flame Purge 230 Lv. 3 Resplendence 230

Balthier Fran
Level Name Att. Pwr. Level Name Att. Pwr.
Lv. 1 Fires of War 90 Lv. 1 Feral Strike 90
Lv. 2 Tides of War 140 Lv. 2 Whip Kick 140
Lv. 3 Element of Treachery 230 Lv. 3 Shatterheart 230

Unlocking Quickenings

Quickenings are not a default command. The characters do not come with it in the game. To earn a Quickening, you must find the license for it on the License Board.

There are a total of twelve Quickenings on the board itself, each character will have three. To ensure that each character has three, once you have chosen the license for one, that one will disappear on all the other boards.

So each board will have a different location for it Quickening license depending on the choices for the others. Also, each Quickening is based on the character. So no matter which license quickening you choose, it will be the same three.

Level 1 Quickening = Having one license for a quickening
Level 2 Quickening = Having two license for a quickening which doubles the max MP
Level 3 Quickening = Having three license for a quickening which triples max MP

How It All Works
Quickenings, after being selected, are a lot about chance and timing your actions on time. Once you a quickening is selected the character will begin its attack.

You will notice immediately that there are three lines at the bottom right corner of the screen. They represent the character, in your party, that will be able to perform a quickening.

Beside the name will have the name of the character's level 1, level 2 or level 3 quickening name or it will say "Mist Charge." When the character's name is white, that means it's available for an attack but when it is grey, the character is not available.

Also, when going for another attack, the character will correspond will buttons such as triangle, square or X. Remember, you only have a small amount of time before it's time up and it increases the speed the more combos you get.

Cost Vs. Available Mist Charges
Quickenings can cost a certain number of Mist Charges which is a section of your MP. A character in your party can only use Quickenings if they have the right amount of MP. For example, you enter a battle and do a level 3 quickening with one character. Well know that character cannot perform anymore quickenings because of the lack of MP.

But that doesn't mean your other party members can perform an attack.

Even if a character's MP reaches 0. That doesn't mean s/he can not perform another quickening. When you are performing quickenings, watch out for the words "Mist Charge." You should immediately press the button that corresponds and it should refill all your MP.

This allows your character to do more attacks.

Note: Once again keep in mind in The Zodiac Age, quickenings no longer cost MP.

Managing the Clock
Time can cause a lot of pressure when choosing the next quickening attack. The time will only pause once you choose your next attack but will start up again when the next animation begins.

Enter your next command quickly because it will save time and also add the time that you saved to your next animation. But there is also a catch to that. The more combos you do, the faster the time goes.

Triggering Concurrences

Concurrences always happen at the end of a Quickening when you reach a certain amount of combos. The combos are based on the number of level 1, 2 and 3 Quickenings.

The weakest Concurrence is the easiest to get. You need a combination of three level 1 attacks during a Quickening, on the other hand, the hardest Concurrence to get it Black Hole. You have to get four level 1, four level 2 and four level 3. Some Concurrences are easier to get than other.

Just keep in mind; Concurrences are non-elemental even if the names may sound elemental. Every enemy should be hit by the Concurrence unless they are immune to physical damage.

Note: In The Zodiac Age, certain concurrences now require fewer Quickenings to activate!

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