FFXII The Zodiac Age


The main source of transportation is an airship. The main airship that the party uses is the Strahl. In the entire game you visit two airships that you can fully explore; the Dreadnought Leviathan and the Flying Fortress Bahamut. There are other airships that appear in the game;

-Atomos & Pandaemonium (Archadian Airships)
-Valefor (Archadian Airships)
-Carbuncle (The 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army)
-Catoblepas (The 12th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army)
-Shiva (The 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army)
-Xezat Surgate (The Resistance Army Fleet)
-Queen Hilda (The Resistane Army Fleet)
-Dalmascan Transport

There are Aerodromes is almost every major city. With the Aerodromes you can use the Strahl to travel around Ivalice. Sadly, this option is only available at the end of the game after the party has completed the Pharos. Here is a list of Aerodromes across Ivalice;

-Rabanastre, Westgate
-Bhujerba, Travica Way
-The Imperial City of Archades, Rienna
-Balfonheim Port, Chivany Breakwater

Another source of transportation is the Chocobo, though this isn't the best source. The chocobo has a certain limit it can be used for. At times during the game, the chocobo can be the only source of transport to proceed to the next part of the game. Chocobo breeding is all around Ivalice. They are usually led by moogles so talk to them when you want to use a chocobo. Here is a list of chocobo locations;

-Rabanastre, Westgate, Southgate, Eastgate
-Mt. Bur-Omisace, Sand-Strewn Pass
-Balfonheim Port, Sea Breeze Lane

The most effective and useful source of transportation are the teleport stones and the Red Save Crystals. You can use teleport stones when you arrive at a red save crystal. This allows you to go any where you have already been. Just make sure you have enough to get you there and back.

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