FFXII The Zodiac Age

Gambits and License Board Guide

Note that the license board portion of this guide is for the original FFXII only. Some parts of it will not apply to The Zodiac Age which adds a new job system with twelve different license boards / jobs.

by Master LL (Website: themasterll.net)

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------------------------------------ ***************************** | {I} Introduction & Legend |[ Back to Top ] ***************************** This build guide is to help new players prepare and be aware of the potentials of the License and Gambit system. This is just a guide to help the player decide how to plan (build) out their character(s) as well as how he/she/it should set up for the AI (via Gambit). The primary purposes discussed are the basics needed to play this game in a balanced manner: > Fighting - defeat enemies quickly to avoid downtime - otherwise you'll receive more damage > Stealing - the primary way to obtain items for gil in FFXII > Support - buffs, debuff during and before/after battles > Healing - healing during and before/after battles in a convenient way > Consistent - fight battle, win, repeat without little to no downtime These below are what will NOT be covered in this guide. This includes but is not limited to: > Nuking - MP is delicate, it's hard to regain MP once gone during battles > Translation - This guide is in English. - You must know Japanese for the JPN version. - If you do not know any Japanese but want to use this guide, check out the following section: "{X} Additional Resources" > In Depth - only talk about License basics - Gambit Settings is the main idea for this FAQ However, this guide is not, by all means, perfect. There will be missing information, typos and grammar problems. This "License & Gambit Build Guide" Faq is for both JPN & ENG versions of Final Fantasy XII. Any contributions/corrections to this FAQ would be greatly appreciated. You may email me at themasterll at hotmail dot com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Legend: Possible Abbreviations/Terms that maybe used throughout the FAQ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chars - Characters (short term) HP - Hit Points MP - Magic Points MK - Mist Knacks LV - Level LP - License Point XP - Experience Points Gil - Currency of Final Fantasy XII Acc - Accessories Passive - (Passive Skills) Skills that are always active MK - Mist Knacks (limit breaker of FFXII) Renkei - MK combos Tech - Techniques (special attacks learned from the License Board) Tank - A character that controls the enemies' hates and absorbs all the damage from them. Allows other characters to be free from harm. Also known as "Tanker" Nuke - Casting any Offensive Magic (that deals damage on enemies) Hate - The enemies' hated for the character which will result in targeting that specific character. Agro - Aggressiveness, when enemies attack without a second thought. Passsive - (Passive Mobs) Nonagressive mobs Will not attack unless threatened Mob - (Mobile) Monsters/Enemies ------------------------------------ **************************** | {II} Version Information | **************************** [In Works] - You can tell me if I need to add anymore stuff. - Specific Gambits for Optional Esper Battles (one day) Version 1.04 [03-29-06] Wordpad - Some typos fixed. Version 1.03 [03-28-06] Wordpad - 80 char per line fixed I think. - I wish I knew, I feel so blue.. Version 1.01 [03-28-06] - Guide Basics done, fixed spellings and grammar. Version 1.00 [03-26-06] - License & Gambit Guide FAQ Created ------------------------------------ ******************************* | {III} Copyright Information |[ Back to Top ] ******************************* This FAQ is copyright (C)2006 by Lawrence Loh. This document may be used as a guide however, you may not sell, reproduce, and transmit, this FAQ through any type of medium. This FAQ is not public property, and therefore you must ask permission to reproduce it in a commercial manner if you choose to do so. The information from this FAQ is all part of Final Fantasy XII which is copyrighted by SquareEnix. Therefore all information pertaining from the game belongs to them. The following websites are allowed to post my FAQ: [GameFaqs] - http://www.gamefaqs.com [Master LL's Website] - http://themasterll.net [FF12Sector] - http://www.ff12sector.com No other sites are allowed to post my FAQ. ------------------------------------ ************************* | {IV} What is License? |[ Back to Top ] ************************* License is the new way to earn abilities in Final Fantasy XII via License Board & License Points. License Board is basically a huge checkered board which all characters share (although may start at different locations). There are two parts of the board: North and South. Northern Board contains all the Licenses for: > Spells, Passives Skills, Techniques & Accessories. Southern Board contains all the Licenses for: > Weapons and Armors Both Northern & Southern Boards: > MK and Espers Basically you learn everything by "licensing" the rights to use it: 01) You earn LP (License Points) by defeating enemies 02) Access your License Board to buy what you want. 03) All adjacent license around the one you've bought will be revealed 04) Buy more licenses if you have enough LP So basically it is like the Sphere Grid system in FFX BUT without the restriction of a single path. As long a License is revealed on the board for that character, you can buy it anytime you want.. as long you have enough LP obviously. While everyone uses the same License Board, what license is shown and what you can license may be different for all characters. For example, Vaan have Steal licensed but Fran may not have it licensed at all. Thus Fran must license the adjacent spots near the "Steal License" to be able to access and then buy it. Keep note that even if you are Licensed (for equipment, spells, techniques), you MUST have the actual equipment/spell/technique bought to use it. Thus: ************************************** 01) Bought Equipment/Spell/Technique + DID NOT BUY License to use it OR 02) DID NOT BUY Equipment/Spell/Technique + Bought License to use it CAN NOT USE FOR BOTH 01 and 02 ************************************** Mist Knacks (MK) and Espers are a little different though in Licensing. When a character license either a MK or Esper, no other character are allowed to license that particular one. See "{V} Planning on the License Board" for more detailed info about it. Please take note about how your character is developed: - Leveling (via XP): > Strength, Magic Power, Vitality and Speed. - Equipments (weapons/armors/acc): > Attack, Defense, Magic Defense, Evasion & Magic Evasion - License Board: > Allow usage of spells, equipments, techniques > Passive Skills (more HP, more damage, MP consumption reduce, etc) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {License Notes:} - License Board allows usage of Spell/Equipments/Skills/Techs if bought using License Points. - License Points are gained through killing mobs - Must have both Spell/Equipments/Techs and that specific License bought to use it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------ ************************************* | {V} Planning on the License Board |[ Back to Top ] ************************************* Planning is important for your characters: - What weapons should I use? - What equipment types should I use? - What should I spend my LP on? Early gaming till mid-way, it's very hard to earn LP thus careful planning must be done. Thus here are my suggestions on how it should be planned: -- Weapons -- Decide only 1-2 weapons for each character. Each weapons have different damage potential as well as attacking speed. A few examples: Guns: ignores enemies defense (full damage), can hit air mobs, slow attacks Bow: damage based on char's speed, can hit air mobs, miss often, fast attacks Daggers: damage based on char's speed, only ground mobs, very fast attacks Sword: damage based on enemies' defense, only ground mobs, normal attacks Spears: based on enemies' defense Long Staff: based on magic defense Axe: high damage but very inconsistent damage range Always make sure you have at least one person active that uses a range weapon (gun/bow). This will help assure that you can hit an air enemy. -- Armors -- There are three types of armor in FFXII: Heavy Armor - > Generally have the most defense / strength and power users Light Armor - > Medium defense, HP boosts / speed type users Mage Armor - > Weakest defense, boost attributes for casters / mage users > Generally, Light Armor is the best due to its HP boost. > While Heavy Armor does have the highest defense, the difference compared to the Light Armor is very little for almost the whole game. It is at the end which has a big difference between Heavy & Light Armor. There are four choices of what you should decide when it comes to armors: 1) More HP -- > All chars equip Light Armor for high HP Boost 2) More Defense -- > All chars equip Heavy Armor for less damage from attacks 3) Roleplaying -- > Casters (Mage), Thief/Rangers (Light), Warriors (Heavy) 4) Personal -- > Whatever you want your chars to wear Regardless of what you decide.. Choose & stick to that type to save a lot of LP for more important stuff. -- Accessories -- Don't bother licensing Accessories unless you have good accessories to equip. It's that simple. -- Techniques -- Honestly, I never found much use for Techniques in this game, although there are five major techniques you MUST learn. Those five techniques are: 1) Steal -- > This is an important tech. It allows you to steal items from mobs and bosses. Those very same items are your cash source for gil in FFXII. So in order to make money.. you must steal against every mob! 2) Charge -- > This technique allows you to regain some MP back anytime. There is a downside to using it, if failed, you lose ALL MP. Thus the best time to use it is when you have little to no MP left during a long battle. The other three ways to regain MP in FFXII is: A) Walking around B) Using Ether or MP potions C) Using a Save Crystal (which restores HP/MP) Obviously those 3 ways are not a smart choice during battle, thus is why Charge is an important skill for all to learn. 3) Libra -- > This ability allows you to scan and see the enemies' LV, HP and their weakness. Extremely helpful since you know if the enemies is too strong to fight without blindly attacking them first. 4) Defense Break -- > This technique allows the character to break the defense of the enemy. It works even on most of the optional bosses. Sadly, it's pretty late game when you can get it. 5) Magic Defense Break -- > Like Defenese Break, this drops the Magical Defense of the enemy. It works even on most of the optional bosses. Again, it's pretty late game when you can get it. -- Magic -- Like Accessories, don't bother wasting LP on unlocking the spells unless you can buy the actual spells at the shop. White magic should be focused on first (at least up to level 3) before focusing on the other types of magic. -- Passive Skills -- The most important skills in FFXII. These should be your highest priorities since once Licensed, they are always active and permanent! Some of the best passive skills include: 1) HP Bonus (More HP) 2) MP Passives (Regain MP from actions, less MP consumption, etc) 3) Phoenix Down Effects Up (More HP regained when using Phoenix Down) 4) Remedy Effects Up (Can remove all debuffs if Licensed fully) 5) Gambits (allow more Gambits command to be used for that character) 6) Recovery and Attacks (faster action and recovery in battle) There are a lot and should be highly concentrated on as much as possible in unlocking. -- Mist Knacks -- Mist Knacks while allowing you to use your "limit breaks" it also have a much important feature and notes: > Your base Max MP doubles per every Mist Knacks Licensed > Having more MP means more abilities to cast more magic. > There are only 18 MK on the License Board > Once one MK is licensed to that particular character, no other else can license that very same one. > Each character can have up to three MK licensed. -- Priorities -- Here are my suggested priorities (highest to lowest) in spending your LP: 1) Passive Skills > Try to aim for the HP Bonus and MP Passives first, the will help in battles in the long run since it's very easy to drain your MP. 2) Mist Knacks > Plan a path on how each character shall get to the Mist Knacks. Find the quickest but most efficient path (you want to make sure the Licensed bought along the way are useful for that particular character). 3) Magic > Healing spells are the most important, since it's free healing. Learn up to White Magic Level 3 before concentrating on the other spells. Again, only spend in this section when you have good and available spells ready to buy. 4) Weapon/Armors/Accessories > Like magic, only spend when you have money to buy the items. 5) Techniques > Steal, Libra and Charge is a must at the beginning. Defense Break and Magic Defense Break should be bought later. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {License Board Notes:} - Weapons > Only 1-2 type of weapons per character - Armor > Only 1 type per character - Accessories > Don't buy until you can use it - Techniques > Steal is a must to earn gil > Libra to know the enemy, > Charge to regain MP > Defense + Magic Defense Break for optional bosses later on. - PassiveSkills > Must get since it is always active all the time - Priorities > Focus Passive Skills first > Then Mist Knacks, Magic, Equipments & Techniques last ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------ ************************ | {VI} What is Gambit? |[ Back to Top ] ************************ Gambit is a newly developed system in FFXII which allows you to control your characters automatically with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Using a simple list of commands, it uses a high to low priorities along with a True/False command to decide when and how should the action take. This allows the removal of repetitiveness of inputting the same commands over and over, but as well allow instant execution of actions which may take time for a human person to input (like instantly use Phoenix Down when a person dies at that second). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {Gambit Notes:} - Gambit is an Artificial Intelligence system created by the player. - Allows player to set priorities action based on their ideals. - Removes repetitiveness of manually inputting same commands over and over. - Able to perform instant action saving time in near-death situations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------ ********************************** | {VII} Knowing how Gambit Works |[ Back to Top ] ********************************** As stated on the previous section, there are three rules that determine how the Gambit works: 1) Order of Priorities 2) Command which is based on a True/False condition 3) Actions are done in a Cause/Effect condition Let's look at the Cause/Effect rule using a "2 slot Gambit" on a character: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gambit Example 01: GAMBIT [Penelo] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Enemy (Attack) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For #01, it states: CAUSE [One Ally] This means any ally EFFECT [Phoenix Down] This means use Phoenix down. [-- RESULT --] If ally needs Phoenix Down, use it on them. Imaging playing the game and a mob kills Vaan. Penelo will realize that an ally is dead and need Phoenix Down to revive. The result is Penelo will use Phoenix Down on Vaan to revive him. For #02, it states: CAUSE [Enemy] This means any enemy EFFECT [Attack] Attack [-- RESULT --] Attack any enemy Simple right? Yes, wait until you get into a more complicated scenario with priorities. Let's see one with priorities now (one of the rules of Gambits)... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gambit Example 02: GAMBIT [Penelo] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) One Ally (Regen) 03) Enemy (Attack) 04) Ally HP < 50% (Cure) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For #01, it states: CAUSE [One Ally] Any ally EFFECT [Phoenix Down] Use Phoenix down. [-- RESULT --] If ally needs Phoenix Down, use it on them. If there is any ally that is dead, use Phoenix Down. For #02, it states: CAUSE [One Ally] Any ally. EFFECT [Regen] Cast Regen spell. [-- RESULT --] If ally doesn't have regen, cast it on them. Easy automatic buff on an ally. If they don't have regen, the character will automatically recast it on that ally. For #03, it states: CAUSE [Enemy] Any enemy. EFFECT [Attack] Attack. [-- RESULT --] Any aggressive enemy in range, attack them. The basic attack gambit against enemies, will automatically start attacking any enemies in range of that character. For #04, it states: CAUSE [Ally HP < 50%] Any ally that has fewer than 50% Hit Points. EFFECT [Cure] Use Cure spell. [-- RESULT --] If ally has fewer than 50% HP, cast Cure. As you can see, this is an effective Gambit since the character will automatically use Cure on anyone that has fewer than 50% HP. Now you basically understand what it does, now comes the question of priorities AND the "True/False" conditions. So let me ask you this (using Example #02 as reference): "During a battle with an enemy all your allies are alive with all regen buff on them. Unfortunately Fran (your ally) has 20% HP left. Will Penelo cast Cure on Fran or not?" The answer is: NO Why? This is the reason behind the priorities and True/False conditions. Setting it up wrong may cost you, as that Example #02 was flawed. Let's go over the actions one by one during the "imaginary battle". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gambit Example 02 usage DURING battle: GAMBIT [Penelo] ##) Cause (Effect) [TRUE/FALSE > RESULTS] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) [FALSE] > No dead ally > Continue to next Gambit 02) One Ally (Regen) [FALSE] > Everyone has Regen buff > Continue to next Gambit 03) Enemy (Attack) [TRUE] > Enemy is in range > Attack Enemy > Repeat beginning of Gambit 04) Ally HP < 50% (Cure) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ah as you see.. since there is an enemy attacking, there is no need to go to the next Gambit. Instead, it will repeat #01 to #03 until the enemy is defeated. Only then will it... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gambit Example 02 usage AFTER battle: GAMBIT [Penelo] ##) Cause (Effect) [TRUE/FALSE > RESULTS] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) [FALSE] > No dead ally > Continue to next Gambit 02) One Ally (Regen) [FALSE] > Everyone has Regen buff > Continue to next Gambit 03) Enemy (Attack) [FALSE] > No enemy left > Continue to next Gambit 04) Ally HP < 50% (Cure) [TRUE] > Fran has 20% HP left > Casting Cure on Fran > Repeat beginning of Gambit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now you see Penelo cast Cure because #03 is false, the enemy is dead. So we need to fix this Gambit so it will work properly correct? Here is the solution: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gambit Example 02 usage DURING battle (Modified): GAMBIT [Penelo] ##) Cause (Effect) [TRUE/FALSE RESULTS] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) [FALSE] > No dead ally > Continue to next Gambit 02) One Ally (Regen) [FALSE] > Everyone has Regen buff > Continue to next Gambit 03) Ally HP < 50% (Cure) [TRUE] > Fran has 20% HP > Casting Cure on Fran > Repeat beginning of Gambit 04) Enemy (Attack) ************ Repeating ************************************************ 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) [FALSE] > No dead ally > Continue to next Gambit 02) One Ally (Regen) [FALSE] > Everyone has Regen buff > Continue to next Gambit 03) Ally HP < 50% (Cure) [FALSE] > No ally under 50% HP > Continue to next Gambit 04) Enemy (Attack) [TRUE] > Enemy is in range > Attack enemy > Repeat beginning of Gambit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So now you should see how important it is in setting the Gambits up correct in priorities. Placing it wrong can hurt your battles (like the original example #02) which Penelo won't cast Cure until after battle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {Work Notes:} - Gambits work on three rules: True/False, Cause/Effect and Priorities - Setting the Priorities incorrectly may cause undesirable results ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------ ******************************************************** | {VIII} LL Gambit Settings (Normal Gameplay & Bosses) |[ Back to Top ] ******************************************************** This is my suggested builds for your characters if you're new or unsure on how the Gambit works still. You may edit it to your liking once you understand how it works, so it will fit your gameplay style. Here are a few notes to let you know about my builds: 01) This is just suggestions and a guide to help! 02) There are several Gambit settings which is determined on how far you are in the game. It will be noted so you will know when it is the earliest time to be able to use it. 03) I mainly concentrated on three things: A) Support and Healing B) Attack and Stealing C) After battle Support/Healing 04) The settings are focused on three characters (unless stated): A) Penelo /w Gun weapon [primary purposes = BackupHealer/Support] B) Ashe /w Katana/Broadsword weapon [primary purposes = Tanker/Steal] C) Fran /w Bow weapon [primary purposes = Healer/Fighter/Nuker] This does NOT mean you need to use those characters, it is to help you visualize who I use and what purpose is for those characters. 05) All my builds are efficient enough to minimize downtime drastically. 06) It is normal and boss compatible (aside from a few cheating bosses) 07) Please note that some gambits are found in chests earlier than you can buy it, unfortunately those found in chests are luck since items are always random. I will do my best to give a substitute if there is one. 08) Email me if there are any problems or concerns about my Gambit settings. 09) * marked Gambits are OPTIONAL as it may be restricted to items or other possible scenarios that not everyone may have. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************************************************************************** -- LL's Gambit Setting #01 [After Gambit Tutorial & able to customize] -- ***************************************************************************** Vaan [Dagger ~ Steal/Fighter] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Enemy HP >= 50% (Steal) 03) Enemy (Attack) *04) Ally HP < 50% (Potion) Balflear [Gun ~ Support/Healer] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) *02) Ally HP < 50% (Protect) 03) Ally HP < 30% (Cure) 04) Enemy that Leader Targeting (Attack) 05) Enemy (Attack) Fran [Bow ~ Healer/Fighter] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 50% (Cure) 03) Enemy that Leader Targeting (Attack) 04) Enemy (Attack) [Notes about the Gambits] - All allies have #01 the same, that way if any ally dies, Phoenix Down will be used automatically by one of the ally. - Vaan will steal from enemies as long they have over 50% HP. Unfortunately that is the only Enemy-HP type Gambit available at that time. - After battle Vaan will use Potion on any ally under 50% HP. You could replace it with the Cure spell or removed if wanted. - Balflear will cast Protect if anyone has fewer than 50% HP. Due to lack of MP in early game, constant buffing of Protect is not a wise decision. - The reason why Balflear and Fran has "Enemy that Leader Targeting" is to help deal enough damage so the Enemy has fewer than 50% HP, thus will prevent Vaan from stealing anymore. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************************************************************************** -- LL's Gambit Setting #02 [After all 6 members joined] -- ***************************************************************************** Penelo [Gun ~ Healer/Support] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) *02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 40% (Cura) 04) Enemy HP >= 70% (Attack) 05) Enemy Critical (Attack) 06) Enemy (Attack) Ashe [Sword ~ Steal/Tanker] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) *02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Enemy HP >= 70% (Steal) 04) Enemy Critical (Attack) 05) Enemy (Attack) *06) One Ally (Protect) Fran [Bow ~ Healer/Fighter] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) *02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 50% (Cure) 04) Enemy that Leader Targeting (Attack) 05) Enemy Critical (Attack) 06) Enemy (Attack) [Notes about the Gambits] - Hi-Potion is a great emergency healing if very low on HP (since casting Cure is NOT a quick execution). If you do not have that many Hi-Potions, then replace it with Potions instead. - For Ashe's Protect, this will constantly buff everyone with Protect if no one has it. If your fighter is not one that has a lot of MP, you should disable this then. - Why do I have three different commands for "Attack"? 1) The first one help take the enemies' HP that has over 70%. This will help Ashe stop stealing nonstop, since as long they have over 70% HP, Ashe will keep stealing forever. 2) The second one is to take out any enemy that is in Critical (very low HP). This will help reduce the enemies' number by one giving the party a bigger advantage in numbers. 3) The third attack is if the first two commands fails (no enemy has over 70% HP and no enemy are in "critical state"). If this third attack wasn't added, no one will attack if the first two commands are false. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************************************************************************** -- LL's Gambit Setting #03 [Before and After 2nd Esper Battle] -- ***************************************************************************** Penelo [Gun ~ Healer/Support] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) *02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 40% (Cura) 04) One Ally (Esuna) 05) Enemy (Dispel) 06) Enemy HP = 100% (Attack) 07) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 08) Ally HP < 90% (Regen) 09) Myself (Haste) Ashe [Katana ~ Steal/Tanker] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) *02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03 Enemy HP = 100% (Steal) 04) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 05) One Ally (Protect) 06) Myself (Haste) Fran [Bow ~ Healer/Fighter] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) *02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 40% (Cura) 04) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 05) Ally HP < 60% (Cure) 06) Myself (Libra) 07) Myself (Haste) [Notes about the Gambits] - Please note some spells can be bought BEFORE and AFTER the 2nd Esper battle. Also, everyone cast Haste on themselves to help split the MP consumption. The usage of this Gambit setup will be for a long time. - Regen should be available when you get to Fran's village. Haste should be available after passing the Mines. Dispel should be available after the 2nd Esper battle. - The Attack settings have changed to make it even better! Now Ashe will start the battle stealing ANY enemy that has 100% HP. Meanwhile, Penelo should be targeting the same monster Ashe is targeting and attacks it (as Penelo's Gambit #05 states). This will make Ashe steal from another enemy with 100% HP or just start fighting. Now if there is no enemy with 100%, they will all attack the enemy with the lowest HP to quickly kill the enemy. - Penelo is now more of a support due to the newly added "Esuna" gambit command. If there is any blind, silence or anything, she will cast Esuna at once. After battle, Penelo will cast Regen if anyone has fewer than 90% HP. Also, if there is any buffs on the enemy during battle, Penelo will automatically dispel it. - Now Ashe should be able to have enough MP to cast protect after battle on everyone. - Gave Fran Libra technique so she can keep scan the enemies' status. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************************************************************************** -- LL's Gambit Setting #04 [After completing Archades] -- ***************************************************************************** Penelo [Gun ~ Healer/Support] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 30% (Curaga) 04) One Ally (Esuna) 05) Enemy (Dispelga) 06) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 07) Enemy HP = 100% (Attack) 08) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 09) Ally HP < 90% (Regen) 10) Myself (Haste) Ashe [Katana ~ Steal/Tanker] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Myself (Decoy) 04) Myself (Protect) 05) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 06) Enemy HP = 100% (Steal) 07) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 08) One Ally (Protect) 09) Myself (Haste) 10) Myself (Libra) Fran [Bow ~ Healer/Fighter] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 40% (Curada) 04) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 05) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 06) Myself (Haste) [Notes about the Gambits] - The biggest difference in this is the ability to regain MP and have a proper tanker now. With the "Myself MP < 10%" this allows you to quickly gain some MP during battle for casting healing spells if you virtually have no MP left. Decoy for Ashe allows her to be the tanker as she was suppose to be. - Penelo now uses Dispelga which removes all buffs from all enemies in the radius. Also Curaga is upgraded for higher HP healing if everyone is endangered. - Ashe now Decoy & Protect herself during battle, making her a very effective tanker. Thus all damage will be received to her instead of Penelo or Fran. Libra is now given to Ashe instead of Fran. - Fran will have an easy time since Curada will give Ashe all HP back. This leaves Penelo open for easy gun shots (high damage since guns ignore enemies' defense). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************************************************************************** -- LL's Gambit Setting #05 [After getting 3rd Esper] -- ***************************************************************************** Penelo [Gun ~ Healer/Support] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 30% (Curaga) 04) One Ally (Esuna) 05) One Ally (Hasteaga) 06) One Ally (Protectaga) 07) Enemy (Dispelga) 08) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 09) Enemy HP = 100% (Attack) 10) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 11) Ally HP < 90% (Regen) Ashe [Katana ~ Steal/Tanker] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) One Ally (Remedy) 04) Myself (Decoy) 05) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 06) Enemy HP = 100% (Steal) 07) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 08) Myself (Libra) Fran [Bow ~ Healer/Fighter] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (Hi-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 50% (Curada) 04) One Ally (Remedy) 05) One Ally (Shellaga) 06) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 07) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) [Notes about the Gambits] - The biggest difference now is that Protectga, Hastega and Shellga are available. This setting can be used all the way till the final boss! - Note that Ashe and Fran have "Remedy" now. This will allow instant usage if anyone has any debuffs, assuming it isn't something Penelo can't heal with Esuna. - Penelo now buffs everyone with Protectga and Hastega now. - Fran now buffs everyone with Shellga now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************************************************************************** -- LL's Gambit Setting #06 [Final Boss Settings] -- ***************************************************************************** Note there are some item requirements (not like it's hard to get by now): --> X-Potions, Remedy, Phoenix Down Penelo [Gun ~ Healer/Support] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (X-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 40% (Curaga) 04) Enemy (Dispel) 05) One Ally (Remedy) 06) One Ally (Hasteaga) 07) One Ally (Protectaga) 08) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 09) Enemy HP = 100% (Attack) 10) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 11) Ally HP < 90% (Regen) Ashe [Katana ~ Steal/Tanker] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (X-Potion) 03) One Ally (Remedy) 04) Myself (Decoy) 05) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 06) Enemy HP = 100% (Steal) *DISABLED* 07) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) 08) Myself (Libra) Fran [Bow ~ Healer/Fighter] 01) One Ally (Phoenix Down) 02) Ally HP < 20% (X-Potion) 03) Ally HP < 60% (Curada) 04) One Ally (Remedy) 05) One Ally (Shellaga) 06) Myself MP < 10% (Charge) 07) Enemy Lowest HP (Attack) [Notes about the Gambits] - This settings should be equipped to be used prior going to the final dungeon. - All Hi-Potions is changed to X-Potion. Esuna is changed to Remedy. - Penelo's Dispel has the highest priority during battle after the healing Gambits. Curaga now heals at 40% instead of 30%. - Ashe's Steal Gambit is disabled since it's worthless at end dungeon. - Fran's Curada heals at 60% instead of 50%. - If you feel uneasy about the possible MP Consumption (they use spells more than items), then feel free to add this in their Gambits: Myself MP < 20% (Ether) Place that Gambit _BEFORE_ the: Myself MP < 10% (Charge) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {Settings Notes:} These settings works on any situation except for one scenario. That scenario is when the boss cheats by using a field that gives a negative effect. An example would be a field that drains all your MP to zero. In that case, all characters will keep trying to use Charge since the "Myself MP < 10% (Charge)" is a true statement. You must disable that Gambit in that case. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------ ****************************************************************** | {IX} Additional Gambit Settings (Players, Special Bosses, Etc) |[ Back to Top ] ****************************************************************** None at this time. If you have your own customization Gambit for Special Bosses OR Just your own personal Gambits, feel free to email it to me if you want! ------------------------------------ ****************************** | {X} Additional Resources | ****************************** Master LL's Videos [ http://themasterll.net ] My Website with game videos and such. Master LL's AHD MsgBoard [ http://ahd.themasterll.net ] My forum dealing with anime, games and my latest videos. GameFAQs [ http://www.gamefaqs.com ] The best public forum I know yet. Lots of FAQs too! FFXII Translation Wiki [ http://ff12trans.pbwiki.com ] Founded by shiromiko, translations by fans for fans. ------------------------------------ **************** | {XI} Credits | **************** Master LL > I thank myself for making the FAQ Notepad > My choice for writing reviews and faqs. Wordpad > Helped fix the 80 line per char limits. Microsoft Word > Spell/Grammar checker, always a great tool. EChang > Helped on making this FAQ look good > Also helped with extra tips and hints GameFaqs > Great site, for letting me contribute my reviews and FAQs ------------------------------------ ************************ | {XII} Final Thoughts | ************************ I hope this FAQ does give you some insights on how you should prepare your License and Gambit builds. Once mastered, the Gambit can be an extremely powerful tool if used right. In fact, I've beaten the game at level 40 (under leveled) AND didn't even bother inputting a single command against the final boss since my Gambit was good enough to win. Crazy stuff.. gotta love it! ~ Master LL ------------------------------------ ********************* | {XIII} Disclaimer | ********************* I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EFFECTS, RIOTS, CHAOS OR ANYTHING (INCLUDING GOD'S WORK OF NATURE) THAT MAY BE CAUSED DUE TO THE INFORMATION I'VE PRESENTED. I AM ALSO NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EFFECTS, RIOTS, CHAOS OR ANYTHING (INCLUDING GOD'S WORK OF NATURE) ON WHATEVER SYSTEM YOU'RE USING TO READ THIS FAQ. BUT CHANCES OF ANYTHING BAD HAPPENS TO YOUR BROWSER, COMPUTER OR ANYTHING ELSE SHOULDN'T HAPPEN IF IT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO ME FIRST.. BUT IT'S YOUR RISK. ANYTHING THAT IS BEING DONE HERE THAT IS CLOSE TO NOT BEING LEGAL, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, SO I MAY CORRECT THE MISTAKE. IF NO ONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS SITUATION, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE AT ALL FOR ANY ILLEGAL ACTION IF WE'RE NOT INFORMED. ------------------------------------ Version 1.04 ******* | EOF | *******

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